Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Celebrities, for better or worse.

Last night on DramaRama there was a slide show of a whole lot of before-and-after pictures, each featuring a current A-List celebrity. It's safe to say that most of these superstars have made MAJOR improvements to their looks over the years, but seeing these pics side by side makes it a whole lot more obvious just who has had what done in their plastic surgeon's office! Here's hoping this blog doesn't cut off any of the photos, so you can see them in all their spectacular...glory? Horror? Guess it depends on which one you're looking at. Check out these nightmarish flashbacks to see who's gone under the knife (and who should go back for more):


WOLL SMOTH WILL SMITH (1990 and now)

DEMI MOORE (1984 and now)

BRAD PITT (1988 and now)

ANGELINA JOLIE (1991 and earlier this year)

KEANU REEVES (1989 and now)

TERI HATCHER (1993 and now)

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO (1993 and now)

HALLE BERRY (1992 and now)

JOHNNY DEPP (1988 and now)

JENNIFER ANISTON (1990 and now)

GEORGE CLOONEY (1990 and now)

NICOLE KIDMAN (1983 and now)

So who on this list looks like they haven't had some serious work done?? (Maybe Johnny; all he had to do was give up the drugs.)

There's your fluffy Wednesday edition of Ehch's Blatherings! We're halfway through the week... STAY STRONG.


Morgi said...

*points and laughs at George Clooney's "before" hair... then gets to the pictures of Kidman and dies laughing*

~Ehch~ said...

Oh, god, I KNOW. I had to save hers for last, because it was the only one that made me shriek aloud!!

Cassie said...

I love Johnny's little wink there!

T. Max. said...

Yeah, Nicole Kidman now is like that alien opera singer in the Fifth Element. Except that look suited the opera singer in the Fifth Element.

Johnny is precious and perfect and has had nothing done. *glares at any who would disagree*

Most of have obviously had a touch shaved off a nose here (Sarah Jessica Parker...either way, I still think she's ugly) or a chin there (Jennifer Aniston), but it's pretty much all subtle touch-up work. No major reconstructive jobs.

Except for Nicole Kidman.

WTF is wrong with that woman?