Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Levity comes with linkspam!

I get serious for a while, and then I lay an entry like THIS ONE on you. Prepare to laugh, shriek and possibly hate me for life, because I've been a-bloggin', and that means mining for links. A couple of friends have already been lucky recipients of some of these treasures, but I made sure to hold some back for the sake of full impact.


(Oh, case I have to actually warn you ahead of time - like you couldn't tell from the titles?? - a whole lot of this is NSFW [Not Safe For Work, newbies!] and in some cases NSFL [that would be LIFE] don't blame me if you wind up in therapy or get fired for looking at Cynthia Plaster Caster's creations online.)

Begin linkspam!

  • The 6 Most Terrifying Foods In The World - You know, I thought watching Fear Factor for the first couple of seasons would have prepared me for this, but I was so, so wrong. Probably safe for work, but not for the weak of stomach. Then again, I won't even eat goat cheese, so maybe I'm not the best judge of Scary Foods.

  • The 6 Most Terrifying Things That People Actually Collect - Something may be wrong with my circuitry here, but I didn't find all of these "terrifying", per se. Warped, to be sure, but terrifying? Not especially. Go back to that Mice Wine and THEN we'll talk about terror.

  • 6 People Who Just F*cking Disappeared - More than anything, I love the title of this list. Please also note that I lined up my three 6s so I can commune with Teh Devil Nao, OK?? (I forget sometimes that my usual blog readers aren't the majority of who's reading this; just ignore anything that doesn't make sense.)

  • The 5 Creepiest Death Rituals From Around The World - This one lives up to its name. I already knew way more than necessary about Tibetan Sky Burials from my friend Jess, who was researching a novel abroad and got to witness an event in person (and has never fully recovered). But some of these? My mind is broken.

  • 7 People Who Cheated Death (& Then Kicked It In The...) - Well. You get the idea. And these stories are amazing. I'd only heard a couple of them, and not in that much detail, actually, so even though I just saw Final Destination 2 on TV last night, I now believe that DEATH CAN BE CHEATED! The Grim Reaper is made of fail.

    But I've saved last. If you have ANY functioning brain cells left, allow me to present to you...

  • The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys (NC-17, people!!!) - So, now...let's just get this over with. If someone could please explain #18 to me in the comments section here, that'd be swell. (Maybe that's a bad word to use.) In my estimation, the ones that are too far beyond disturbing to be on this list are #3 (WTF?!?), #14 (ouch ouch ouch god no...actually, that could be applied to #15 as well), #7, and the almost completely inexplicable #1 (that one reminds me of those magnetic mustache toys people gave their kids to shut them up during long car trips...but NOT). On the flipside of that, though...

  • The OhMiBod iPod Vibrator is actually kind of brilliant. Especially since you can get one to match, so the colours won't clash.

Aren't you glad you're my friend?? Say what you will about me, but I'm almost never boring.

(An addendum: Some of you have gotten these mailed rather mysteriously to your inboxes before; technically you have to request a subscription, but I do know it's gone to a few random contacts, on and off Facebook, in the past! Don't panic. I think I've got it all straightened 'round, or will have once I see where this one ends up. And if by some chance you want to be notified when I make these posts, comment below or email me & I'll deliver the goods. I've maxed out on my "full-entry-to-inbox" subscribers - why only 10, Blogger?!? - but I can set it up to email you links when new posts are up. Make sure you browse through the other entries at Ehch's Space to see what I write about first, though, to ensure it's your cup o' tea. IF YOU DARE.)

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casey said...

I love these posts. ;) They're my dinnertime reading, LOL!

If it helps at all, I got this post in my inbox, and I really don't need to - I've got this one on my feedreader. :)